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On the green 5th May

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Saturday August 7th

7.00 pm start

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Night at the club

This ma n deserves a medal for the work he has done around the club. He has taken the garden on as his own project and is doing a great job.

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Winter Bowls

Dates for pennant season 2020 / 2021

Our A green has been transformed into a first-class tif green. The old green was dug up in October 2018 and was first used on Adelaide Cup Day this year.   


              Rump and Red. Tournement held annualy on Adelaide Cup Day 
This will do for team selections
Wednesday 7th October 2020
Saturday 10th October 2020
Last pennant game before Christmas
Saturday 10th December 2020
any day 16th December
Wednesday 6th January 2021
Saturday 11th January 2021
Last pennant match before finals
Subject to Changes depending on COVID-19 status


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