We are situated in the quiet and picturesque eastern suburbs of Adelaide and although our membership numbers are low ( compared to our neighboring clubs ) we have so much to offer. We promote a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and facilitate well the sport of lawn bowling in our community.

We welcome new members from the absolute beginners to the experienced bowlers at any time of the year. We have a rich history and celebrated our 80th anniversary three years ago.

Feel free to explore our pages and to contact us at any time.

Social Bowls  is back for Wednesdays and Saturdays. Click here for conditions. 

New Phototastic we are back

 Our Greens are situated in a tranquil “garden-like ” setting in the eastern suburbs

  Far away from the busy and noisy main roads. Car parking is not a problem.

                 We provide for our friends and members

          Our club was formed in 1936.  We are proud of our history

Click here for our history page

logotgbcFeel free to contact us

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