Bob Docking’s Recollections 1986 – 2016

In a booklet published to celebrate The Golden Jubilee of the club in 1986 all members were listed. There were 90 male members and 69 ladies listed. Of the men listed only one now remains and that’s me. The ladies have fared better having 4 ladies still involved in the club.

Extensions were made to the Clubrooms during season 1987/88. The kitchen was extended and a new ladies toilet block, handicap toilet and shower, rest room and an office was constructed on the southern side of the existing building. The cost of the kitchen extension was paid for by a contribution from the Ladies Facility with money earned by catering for afternoon teas at the Building Centre on Anzac Highway, which at the time was managed by Mr and Mrs Langman, members of this club.

In the early ninety’s the men fielded five pennant teams on a Saturday and three on a Wednesday. Sadly after that time our membership numbers declined and it was not necessary to maintain three greens. During season 2000/01  ” C ”  green was cut up and sold. This section of the Soldiers Memorial Reserve was then transferred to The Trinity Gardens Tennis Club.

The club has been successful in Pennants. In season 1987/88 the men won three. They also won in seasons  1988/89,  1995/96,  1998/99,  1999/2000 ( 2 ),  2003/04,  2008/09  and  2015/16.  I do not know how many teams the ladies filled in those years but they were successful in winning pennants in  1987/88,  1988/89,  1990/91,  1992/93 ( 2 ),   1998/99, and  1999/2000 ( 2 )

About five years ago ” B ”  green was dug up, sold and replanted with Tiff Dwarf. This has proved very successful and the green is playing as well as any green in the city.

Prior to 2003/04 the Club had three committees. The Administrative, The men’s facility and The ladies facility. Each one having their own President, Secretary, Treasurer and separate bank accounts. The Men’s Facility managed the bowling competitions, The Ladies managed their games and the Administration managed the clubhouse and surrounds. The Facility committees were wound up and all sections of the Club are now managed by the Admin Committee.

life members

Life Membership has been granted to members over the years for services to the Club. Present Life Members are our Patron  Mary Tugwell,  Margaret Whiley,  Len Hunter, and myself.

These are my recollections of the past thirty years.

R.B. ( Bob ) Docking

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