Pennant / Scores


We have two teams on both Saturdays and Wednesdays.

We are proud to promote open gender at our club.

Pennant Scores

brought to you by

Grundy's Shoes


Rinks of the week

Wed 20/10/21   Div 4e       B.Key Skip, R.Thompson, E.Griffiths, G.Caon def Payneham 28 shots to 14
Sat 23/10/21      Div 5e      B.Key Skip, R.Thompson, E.Griffiths, G.Caon  def Hawthorn 37 shots to 11

Saturday  23/10/21

Sat  Div  5 East  23/10/21   Beaumont 76 shots were defeated by  Trinity Gardens  95

Sat Div  7  East  23/10/21   Kensington/M’Ville  White  71 shots  defeated Trinity Gardens  42

Wednesday  Division 4 East   20/10/21

Payneham  58 shots were defeated by Trinity Gardens Red 75

Tranmere White  77 shots defeated Trinity Gardens White  51

Saturday    16/10/21

Sat   Div  5 East  16/10/21   Trinity Gardens   70 shots were defeated by Hawthorn 75

  Sat  Div  7 East   16/10/21  Trinity Gardens  51 shots were defeated by Kensington/M’Ville Red 60


Wednesday Division 4 East

Wed  13/10/21

Trinity Gardens Red    81 Shots defeated Beaumont White 54

Trinity Gardens Blue   44 shots were defeated by Kensington / M’Ville Red 63




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