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Yes ….   we do have a brand new dishwasher.



A Bosch stainless steel freestanding 15 place dishwasher. Supplied by   at Hectorville. Thanks for the discount. This was made possible with a $1000 grant from the Government of SA ( Office For The Aging Well ) Thanks to Grant Sanderson for the successful application and to Graz Caon for the instillation of the dishwasher.



The competition for June is  an even contest thus far with Bob Docking leading.

Bob Docking
Eric Griffiths unhappy with a wrong bias shot.

Results for May.

The weather marred the number of playing days available for the month. Of the 20 players who participated only 9 played the required number of 3 games.  The results are


Paul Donnell          18.5 points

Joe Caporale         18.3 points

Milla Nitschke        18.3 points

closely followed by  Bob Docking and Yvonne Donnell on 18.0 points

A full list of the May results are on our notice board.

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Working with children  important information   click here for more information

Our committee for 2019 / 2020

Congratulations to Jon Steele, Grant Sanderson, Milla Nitschke, Peter Frost, Neil Bradtke, Alan Collins, Mary Steele and Alex Wheaton




                                  For The Diary

Wednesday 9th October     The first Wednesday pennant game.

Saturday 12th October       The first Saturday pennant game.

Tuesday  5th November          Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Wednesday 11th December  The last Wednesday pennant game before Christmas

Saturday 14th December     The last Saturday pennant game before Christmas

Wednesday 8th January       The first Wednesday pennant game for the new year

Saturday 11th January          The first Saturday pennant game for the new year

Saturday 7th March                 The last Saturday pennant game for the season

Wednesday 11th March          The last Wednesday pennant game for the season

Saturday 14th March                Saturday finals commence

Wednesday 18th March          Wednesday finals commence


Wednesdays &  Saturdays       12.30 for 1.00pm start

These dates may be changed but will be updated on a regular basis.

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All eyes on The Melbourne Cup

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