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We are now the proud owners of a defibrillator

Mario…..Happy 94th Birthday for the 8th November.

7th December  Club Christmas Dinner     6.00 for 6.30 pm



Latest News

Role of Team Managers and Umpires

Team managers should get together 15 minutes before “roll up” and draw the cards for the rinks. That is 12.45 pm on Saturdays and 12.00 noon on Wednesdays. Once this has been done players should be notified and practice must cease.

The Umpire of the day is to ensure that the draw is carried out at the allocated time and practice ceases.


                   For The Diary

Friday  7th December            Club Christmas Dinner  6.00 for 6.30 pm

Saturday  8th December   Last Sat pennant game before  Xmas

Wednesday 12th December        Last Wed pennant game before Xmas

Wednesday 9th January  2019    First Wed pennant game after Xmas

Saturday 12th  January  2019     First Sat pennant game after Xmas

Wednesday 6th March  2019       Last Wed pennant game for season

Saturday 16th March  2019          Last Sat pennant game for season


These dates may be changed but will be updated on a regular basis.

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All eyes on The Melbourne Cup

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