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  Latest newsletter  November  

Congratulations to Jason Evans     He has been selected in the Kenyan squad for the upcoming Commonwealth Games
Merry and safe Christmas to all our members and friends.


Latest News

Practice and trial ends    Practice on any rink allocated to the match until the cards are drawn. 12.15 pm for Wednesdays and 12.45 pm for Saturdays

Wednesday and Saturday afternoon tea breaks       Clubs to be encouraged to take no more than 20 minutes.

Hot Weather     Early  start when the weather is predicted to reach 36 deg or more. If the temp reaches 38C then play stops and does not restart.

Finals           Will be extended to Division 5 on a Saturday

  Pennant Times and More

                                     For The Diary

Duty Rosters are out for 2018   click here   and follow the link to rosters

Greens Closed for maintenance     Monday 18th December to Tuesday 9th January

Monday  8th January   Next committee meeting at 5.30pm

Wednesday 10th January  First Wednesday pennant match for the new year

Saturday  13th January  First Saturday pennant match for the new year

Tuesday  30th January      Summer Bowls  ( Night Owls ) opens after Christmas Break.

Wednesday 28th February   Last Wednesday pennant match before finals

Saturday 3rd March  Last Saturday pennant match before finals

Tuesday   6th  March           Justiices Tournament

Monday  12th March  ( Adelaide Cup Day )  Rump and Red Tournament

These dates may be changed but will be updated on a regular basis.

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Thursday                          14th September Next Management Committee meeting at 5.30

Saturday                            16th September  Dix Shield   #

Saturday                            30th September   Open Day   #

Tuesday                               7th November    Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Tuesday                               6th March      Justices Tournament  #

#  Dates   Yet to be verified


All eyes on The Melbourne Cup


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