Len Hunter’s Exercise Books

len 1

Have you ever wondered what Len keeps writing in his exercise books? Well, I have.


For the past 3years, Len has documented ( by hand ) every Trinity Gardens pennant match, results, all the rinks, and player’s positions.


Len hasn’t got a computer so he doesn’t have access to the Metropolitan Bowls or Bowls Link Web sites. He has been meticulous in his recording of teams, rinks and player’s positions. His documentation compared with web sites is quite accurate. He can give you information that can not be found online. For example, do you know

  1.  Who you played against on Saturday 18th February 2017?
  2.  The result of the match and your rink result?
  3.  What position you played?
  4.  Who your skip was on that day?

Len can give you this information and more.

He enjoys doing this as he finds the stats very interesting.

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